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Hygiene promotion Technologies

Child friendly water fountains

Many cultures have understood the value of urine and faeces for agricultural purposes for centuries, Ecological sanitation closes the loop of nutrients. and latrine designs based on the concepts of ecological sanitation have been used in Asia and parts of Africa for hundreds of years. Click Here to Read more >>>

Portable hand washing vessels

The success of the programís has largely depended on technology choices that enhance sustainability. Click Here to Read more >>>

Portable drinking water vessels

VIP latrine is the pre dominant mode of sanitation promoted by KWAHO representing almost 60% of sanitation facilities done.
Main challenges of the technology include:Click Here to Read more >>>

  • Collapsing weak soils where the water table is high
  • Emptying equipment is sometimes not available when the pits are full. Most people would like to re use the structure when it is of permanent material