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  • Water and sanitation
  • Hygiene education & promotion
  • Community capacity building
  • Environmental management
  • Income generating activities

KWAHO has been assisted by many partners over the years. Their contributions have helped KWAHO to reach out to many communities countrywide..

Non Governmental Organizations and Community Based Organizations (CBOs):

KWAHO works in partnership with several NGOs and CBOs in Kenya.

Government departments:

The ministries of Water Resources Management and Development, Health, Culture and Social Services, and other local authorities, Provincial Administration i.e. the District Commissioners (DCs), District Officers (DOs), Chiefs of the areas where the projects are situated.
Most of the collaborative activities are done through the District Development Committees (DDCs). All district heads including the district Water engineers are members of this committee that is chaired by the District Commissioner. This high-level calibre type of committee also carries out their scheduled monitoring and evaluation exercises. All district water supplies related ministries also participate in these meetings.

International and National Organizations:

Network for Water and Sanitation ( NETWAS)
Intermediate Technology and Development Group (ITDG)
UNDP/Worldbank - Water and Sanitation Program - African Region ( WSP-AF)
Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council ( WSSCC)
International Water and Saniation Centre ( IRC)
OXFAM (Kenya)

Austrian Development Agency:

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) (former Austrian Development Co-operation - ADC) has been a partner of KWAHO for WatSan project in Maseno and Lower Tana areas since 1991 up to now.


The Swiss SANDEC (www.sandec.ch) and the Swiss EAWAG (www.eawag.ch) are our partners for the SODIS project in Kibera. They also brought us together with the Rotary Clubs of St. Gallen (Switzerland), the Government of Luxembourg and the Solaqua Foundation who had or are currently funding the project implementation.

WaterCan - Eauvive:

WaterCan (Candada) is funding a WatSan project in Kibera, Nairobi and South Gem in Nyanza province. www.watercan.com


Funding through the Water Trust Fund (Min. of Water Resources Management and Development) for the Butere-Mamias WATSAN project. www.sida.se

United Nations Centre for Settlement (Habitat)

UN-Habitat has funded the Exhauster Van (VacuTuc) for the community for solid waste disposal in the Kibera.

Austrian Ambassador's Fund in Nairobi

The Austrian Embassy funded the first steps of the SODIS project in Kibera, Nairobi.

United Nations Children' Fund (UNICEF)

UNICEF funded KWAHO as an Intermediary NGO for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education programs in two informal settlements (Kibera and Kangemi).

KWAHO is a member of:
  • WESCORD - Water and Sanitation group under the chairmanship of UNICEF
  • Lake Victoria South Water Service Board
  • Global Water Needs Assessment
  • Kibera District Environmental Committee of the National Environmental Management Committee (NEMA)
  • Kenya Water Partnership
  • Africa2000 Network Trust
  • Coalition to Promote EcoSan in Kenya