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WatSan in Lower Tana River


Lower Tana River - Coastal Province, Kenya

Key Components

Water Supply, Sanitation, Hygiene Education, Capacity Building, Income Generating Activities

Brief description of project goal, objectives and expected results

The programme is situated in Tana River District of the Coast Province of Kenya. It borders Lamu, Meeting of a women group in Lower Tana project area. Ijara, Garisa, Mwingi, Kitui and Malindi districts. The programme has been on going for the last 12 years and has reached 340,000 people.
The current project phase Number. 4 will, as in the last phase, concentrate its activities in the lower/southern, central, and upper left of the district. Specifically it will cover parts of Garsen, Kipini, Wenje, Galole, Bura, Witu and Mkowe divisions of Tana River and Lamu districts. The project also would wish to expand to Kiunga in Lamu district and also on a settlement scheme East of Malindi town.

Project objectives

For the 18 months phase the following objectives and goals will guide the implementation process:

  • To provide communities with relevant training and skills to empower them to define needs and express their demand.
  • To improve and raise the standards of health and sanitation of the communities by providing relevant training and education and campaigns on health and sanitation and encouraging hygienic disposal of human waste by constructing sanitation facilities. The project will continue with its heightened drive to introduce the Eco-San system as an essential alternative to the VIP toilet.
  • To provide selected communities with clean, safe, reliable, and adequate and accessible water through the drilling, developing, and equipping of bore holes with the Aridev hand pumps and to construct roofs and water tanks.
  • To also provide the communities with relevant skills, which will empower the communities to be able to operate, maintain, manage and sustain the facilities.
  • To raise people's incomes by encouraging these communities to initiate and develop income generating activities.
  • To improve the status of the environment by encouraging the communities to protect and improve the environment in which they live.



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