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The orginial pump was designed to the following criteria. It:
  • used appropriate technology;
  • used lightweight, non corrosive components;
  • could be maintained by women;
  • could be manufactured locally to an excact specification;
  • needed only one or two simple tools for installation and maintenance;
  • was relatively cheap;
  • was designed with preventative maintenance in mind.
Water pumps for wells

KWAHO supplies villages with Afridev hand pumps for wells ever since.
well2 The Afridev handpump is the result of a design and development process which started in 1972 and has been evolving ever since.
Over the years some design features have been modified and improved to aid village level operation and maintenance (VLOM). The Afridev has been specified for standardisation in many countries including Ethiopia, Cambocia, Pakistan, Malawi, Ghana and Kenya.
Further the Afridev pump is designed to minimise forces, withoug reducing the discharge, by using a small diameter, long cylinder.
The number of spares is minimised by using the same cylinder size for all depths.


The AFRIDEV Pump is a conventional lever action handpump. The configuration includes an open top cylinder, i.e. the piston can be removed from the cylinder without dismantling the rising main. The footvalve is retractable with a fishing tool. The riser pipes are made of u-PVC. The pump rods are of stainless- or mild steel with hook and eye connectors, allowing removal without tools. Engineering plastics like POM and PA 66 are used for the pumping elements, plunger/footvalve and for the bearings. This pump is corrosion resistant in the stainless steel rod configuration.

  • Pump head galvanised steel
  • Handle galvanised steel
  • Pump stand galvanised steel
  • Pump rods SS or galvanised steel
  • Rising main u-PVC pipe 63 mm
  • Pump cylinder u-PVC pipe 2 inch
  • Plunger/footvalve Polyacetal POM.


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